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We are TinyRoomStudio

We are a small indie studio with big Ideas. 

It´s all about Fun

We still remember the games of our childhood, how we met to trade Pokemon or to fight in Tekken. It was just fun to play and that's all we cared about. We feel that games nowadays are less about fun and more about making money. Games should be fun. We make games that are fun to play. No loot boxes or game design that lures players into an addictive spiral of microtransactions.

We hope everyone enjoys our games as much as we enjoy making them!

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Second Nature


Second Nature is set in a dystopian future. In their greed and pursuit of progress, humanity has wiped out all life and been forced to abandon their home planet. However, a small group of explorers left a bit of hope behind. The player takes control of this hope an artificial intelligence capable of reviving nature. The player creates new habitats for animals and plants in order to fill the earth with new life. It is a third-person exploration-building game in which the player takes on the role of a robot that has the task of reviving nature. The player finds himself on a dead and destroyed earth. In order to revive nature in these ruins, it is necessary to get acquainted with the environment, explore it, and collect useful things, while learning why the earth is in this state. Piece by piece he overcomes all the obstacles, traversing different areas and revealing more and more of the sad past. The goal of Second Nature is to create new habitats for animals and plants in dead, lonely, and destroyed areas. The player takes on the role of D.I.M.I., an intelligent robot who is the link between the robots: B.E.E and Hook. Through the cooperation between these three robots, the player is able to create a new life and transform this dreary and desolate world into a blossoming paradise. To accomplish this, the player must familiarize himself with his surroundings in order to find optimal places for certain plants and animals. On these explorations, the player finds many useful objects and resources. This is how he unlocks new plants and animals. During his journey, the player replenishes the robots' databases and gets useful information about animals and plants. Over the course of the game, the player gains new abilities that allow him to reach places that are still unreachable, thus creating new ecosystems. Important and current issues are addressed in each major area, with each area focusing on a different theme. Topics that are addressed are; environmental destruction, climate change, species extinction, and artificial intelligence. The player is initially unaware of why the earth is in this state. As he explores the world around him, he also reveals piece by piece the sad truth of the past. Second Nature offers an unfiltered glimpse into a sad, but quite possible future and thus stimulates reflection. But it also gives the player hope, because he is the one who recognizes the mistakes of the past and makes amends.

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Spreading Awareness

We believe that the interactivity of video games is perfect to make people aware of current issues.  
Games are a medium that can do more than just sell lootboxes. We don't do politics. 
We want  to spread awareness to certain issues. 

Second Nature is the perfect game to do so.

Topics we would like to adress:


Environmental protection


Climate change



Species protection

Examples and consequences of pollution become clear 
The player will see how the climate changed and why it happend. 
Endangered species are presented and the reasons for their endangerment are shown.
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Thank you !

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