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Beginnings 03.07.23 (Day 1) - 18.07.23 (Day 12)

On the first official day of production for Second Nature, we began with a briefing. We discussed the setup of our project management tool, Nuclino. Once the setup was clarified, we proceeded with the development tasks. Here, we laid the first building blocks for the foundation of production. Davis's initial task was to work on the Third/First Person Character Controls and core

Mechanics. Dominik's first assignment was the reworking of Dimi's character model. Vasili started by preparing for Tiny Room Studio's social media presence. Shortly thereafter, it was quickly decided to create a spotlight video as an introduction to our studio and as our debut post. In the following days, the focus shifted to knowledge acquisition. The acquisition took the form of tutorials on model building by Dimi, spotlight inspiration from Annapurna Interactive, or tutorials for mechanics.

In the next few days, a script for the spotlight video was created, which underwent several iterations. Dimi's new model also took on a very good shape, which has now been equipped with bones to animate the legs, rolling, and propellers. Dominik had to delve deep into the topic of rigging for this purpose.

After Davis set up the core mechanics and developed the controls for third-person and first-person, the next step was to build an obstacle course as a playtest, in which all mechanics would be tested. These include rolling (movement), scanning the environment, picking up objects, swimming, running, breaking objects (impulse breaker), and jumping.

The player can then experience this in both the third person and first person. Furthermore, Davis has also developed air currents using Bezier curves into which the player can jump with Dimi.

On July 14, 2023, the GameState Festival 2023 took place. Our goal for the day was to approach the project manager of MFG to expedite the production funding process. Another important task was to find creatives who could assist us with audio, including the soundtrack, sound design, foley, etc. We were able to meet a potential candidate, which was DELTA Soundworks. They act as consultants and mediators but also see themselves as developers. We also encountered familiar faces from our Developer Boost days, including Demigod Dynamics, Trapdoor, LJ Mag, Pockethost, and many more.

On the first workday after the GameState Festival, we held a brief meeting to discuss events and impressions.

Dominik then had the idea to create a Discord community to stay in touch with both new and old acquaintances from such events.

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