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Bug, Robots and Shooting Schedules 21.07.23 (Day 15)

Dominik created one of the first Sentinel robots today, which will later act as antagonists in the game. There will be more Sentinel robots in various forms. This robot will lift Dimi with its magnets and move him away from a specific zone.

A robot that flies with the help of a propeller on its head and grabs intruders with its magnet arm
Sentinel Robot aka Batling

Davis took care of bugs that arose from the attempt to merge animation and mechanics. Many animations differed in speed, and therefore, the animation speeds had to be adjusted. Furthermore, the obstacle course was divided into various areas and marked with specific colors to make the areas easier to distinguish and more clearly identifiable during playtesting later on. His goal today is to get familiar with the Unity Event System using scriptable objects. This way, events and responses can be modified via the Inspector without requiring changes in the code. This makes development designer-friendly and more debuggable.

Second Nature Obstacle Course for Testing
Second Nature Obstacle Course for Testing

Vasili analyzed competitors to get an idea of how popular, unknown, or indie studios make their first posts. Some simply post their logo, some announce a Game Jam, while one studio relied on the overall design of their Instagram page and created a coherent image from 9 posts. A direct competitor debuted with a friendly "welcome" post and invited followers to join their game developer journey. This seems to be a more successful approach for an indie studio. Other studios have publishers behind them, handling marketing. Our idea is to debut with our Spotlight Video to achieve a similar effect to Qloud.

For the post, Vasili created a two-day shooting plan. The first day will mainly take place in Möhringen and Plieningen. The second day will be at Schlossplatz, the Natural History Museum, and the Killesberg High Park.

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