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Scriptable Objects and Animated Sentinels 24.07.23 (Day 16)

Davis continued to work with the Unity Event System and successfully assembled the first sequence of the obstacle course.

Screenshot of Unity Inspector
Screenshot of Unity Inspector

In the Inspector, he can now execute the desired function. In the image, we see an example of how a weight plate behind Dimi can trigger reactions through an event, such as placing the cube on the weight plate. This can either activate the propeller and start an animation or, as a test, activate another listener. As a testing example, Davis activated Dimi's scanner. The Event System simplifies long-term work and, most importantly, collaboration with designers who can test various mechanics or make changes in the code. Next, Davis will merge two versions of builds: the version with the newly purchased packages and settings used for the obstacle course and the old version with different packages and other tested mechanics.

Dominik worked on the animation of the newly created Sentinel. It is supposed to hang from the ceiling like a bat and, when there's a threat (entering Dimi's area), drop down and activate its propeller. The animation of the magnet, hanging on a chain, proved to be more complicated than expected. This can be explained by the number of chain links that need to be individually animated for a smooth effect. Another unexplained issue is that the poles of the magnet briefly switch for a fraction of a second but return to their correct positions at the end of the animation.

A collage of a flying robot that attaches to the ceiling with its magnet arm
Sentinel Animation Shots

Due to bad weather, the recording for the Spotlight Video has been postponed to the end of the week. This gave Vasili more time to refine the text for the voiceover. Next, he searched for suitable background music for the video, using resources that are freely available, such as Pixabay, for example. The process of finding a company or individual for all audio-related aspects is still ongoing. Furthermore, the translation of the GDD (Game Design Document) continues for potential pitches to publishers.

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