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Welcome to Unity DIMI 20.07.23 (Day 14)

Today, the Dimi model was successfully imported into Unity. Dominik also created new animations (walking, jumping, idle or resting, rolling, curling, flying). Throughout the day, Davis adjusted the model and animations in Unity. There were a few difficulties encountered, such as jumping. The animation did not flow smoothly within the environment of the obstacle course and appeared unnatural.

The spotlight video is nearly complete with the planning. The script is finalized, and so is the storyboard. The only thing remaining now is the filming, which will begin next week. We opted to keep the equipment simple (iPhone, Gimbal). Furthermore, the shooting locations have also been determined.

Mind Map of Spotlight Video Planning
Mind Map of Spotlight Video Planning

With the completion of the course for playtesting, Vasili has created a playtest survey for the pilot testing and a Google Form to document future playtesting sessions. We are following the method used by Valve and hope to gather enough surveys for successful analysis.

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